Finding music to license is easy - but finding some that’s actually good...?

None of us become filmmakers to end up churning out projects that don't inspire. Whether it's for ourselves, our peers, or on an industry wide scale - a massive part of feeling proud of the end result is often (if not always) down to the music used.  

The Sound Shop was born from our personal frustrations. Time and time again we found ourselves simply unable to find genuinely great music that felt real and honest to work with. I’m not talking about music that sort of ‘sounds genuine’ under a-squint and a-hope, or music ‘that’ll do’ in the times when you’re exhausted and deadline day has arrived. I mean that great stuff, that real stuff, the stuff that elevates our films. Quality music that reflects the blood, sweat and tears, the late nights, early mornings and the endless coffees it takes to produce something truly excellent.

The music licensing industry is bursting with mediocre music, music that could've been written by an algorithm, dipped in glue and rolled in glitter. We've all been there, endlessly navigating through an ocean of mundane tracks attempting to seek out something that's passable. It's tiresome, it's uninspiring and it felt unnescessary to us. So we changed it, we created The Sound Shop.


We're hunting down the most exciting new bands and artists, repping the real guys and nurturing talent. Ultimately, giving you guys something honest that hits the mark and whilst doing so, actually puts money into the pockets of artists who work as hard as yourselves. This isn't just music to license, this is music you'll want to listen to - music that inspires.

So, this is The Sound Shop giving you the best of the best. Just take a listen and decide for yourself. We don't promise to have it all (just yet), but we will promise to deliver truly excellent, well made music. This is a collective that looks after its own, that strives to always represent the best art possible, guided by a simple easy-to-use format. So give us a shout, tell us what you need or what you'd like to see more of, we'd love to hear from you.

Let’s make music licensing what it should be.


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